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October 2012 - Destiny III for sale

It’s now over a year since we sailed back to Australia from SE Asia and we’re well and truly back into the swing of life “on land”, working like mad to bump up the savings for “official” retirement in the not too distant future. A lousy winter, house renovations and full social life means we don’t get the opportunity to sail on Destiny too often, so after month's of talking about it, Destiny III is officially on the market :(

Yes, very sad but the adventure is only being postponed – when we’re ready to hit the seven seas again, it’ll be in a bigger boat – or we may do something completely different.

Thanks for reading the website over the last 5 years and hopefully enjoying it – your support was wonderful and treasured.

March 2011 - returning to Australia
It certainly wasn't planned but the timing was right - Brian (and eventually Gill) is going back to work!

February 2011 - cruising in Palawan, The Philippines

December 2010 - we've flown over to Australia
The first time back in 3 years - for a 2 month break from cruising.

July 2010 - have reached Borneo and having a very different cruising experience - the whole coastline is virtually unexploited. Borneo's not fully on the tourist trail (yet!!!) and there's heaps of things to do.

May 2010 - we are now cruising amongst the wonderful islands of the Malaysian east coast.

April 2010 - one of our email addresses bgmaxlow@gmail.com was recently spammed. If you are currently using this email address, please remove it from your contacts list and place a block on that address in your email program - this will stop spam email being sent to you using that email address.

January 2010 - A very happy New Year to all our family and friends - hope your celebrations were as great as ours :-) We're now in Thailand, travelling north along the west coast of Thailand and enjoying being in new and unfamiliar territory.

November 2009 - had a brilliant time in Danga Bay, Johor Bahru but it's time to be on our way again. Leaving in the next few days for a sail (we hope!) north towards Pangkor, Penang, Langkawi and then onto Phuket, Thailand.

August 2009 - still berthed at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We've just returned from a fantastic 2 week trip to Southern Vietnam (Saigon/HCMC to Hue) which Brian will cover in a future update. Plans are underway to get back to Vietnam sometime in the not too distant future to visit Northern Vietnam (Hue to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Trail and mountain areas) - the country is so spread out that it's almost impossible to see both North and South Vietnam comfortably in one go :-)

July 2009 - finally managed to leave Penang (yeah, all doctor appointments finished!) for a leisurely sail to Jahor Bahru. While in Penang, we visited Cambodia (which Gillian will cover in the August update) mainly to explore Angkor Wat and other temples at Siem Reap, with a quick look around Phnom Penh.

5th June 2009 - The posting of 14th February only just uploaded as we've had visitors, maintenance issues and computer problems. Most maintenance issues are now out of the way and we now have a new laptop, so back in business :-) We'll be back to monthly updates from hereon.

8th January 2009 - arrived at Ao Chalong, Phuket, Thailand. Cruising through Phang Nga Bay.

26th December 2008 - anchored at Telaga Harbour, Langkawi; getting ready for sailing to Thailand

13th November 2008 - arrived at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru for the start of the Sail Malaysia rally (east coast) www.sailmalaysia.net

the mission

Welcome to our Web site, where friends, family and anyone remotely interested can check on our cruising adventures through SE Asia on our trusty yacht Destiny III. And iIf you want you could drop us a line via email

Travel has always held great interest for us - combining this with a love of sailing gave us the idea that living and traveling on the boat could be a lifestyle that we’d love.

The philosophy of ‘we’re not getting any younger’ and ‘do it while you can’ brought us to a point where we decided to ‘chuck in’ our perfectly good jobs, and give it a go, cruising the world in Destiny. The adventure for us is more about exploring different countries, experiencing new cultures, and the people we’ll meet, rather than the ‘goal’ being just to complete a circumnavigation. Hence, keeping to the ‘warm bits’ and staying put if the weather isn’t right are the way we’ll go - no hero stuff for us if we can avoid it.

We joined a cruising rally from Darwin through Indonesia in 2008, for approximately three months. From there we visited Singapore, Malaysia (East and West Coasts), Thailand, Borneo and the Philippines. We had planned to then continue onto Mauritius, South Africa, Rio, Panama Canal through to the South Pacific Islands. But circumstances have changed, and after a wonderful 4 year adventure that lasted 4 years, we're now back in Australia.

Our advice to anyone contemplating such a cruise - just do it, you'll never regret it!